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We are a SME employing 94 staff within the central belt of Scotland.

Whilst we have an Employee Handbook and a set of policies we had no means of keeping these documents up to date and compliant with Employment Law. Equally we had no access to professional HR advice when this was also needed.

Recognising this skill and knowledge gap within our existing team, our board of Directors decided to contract with an HR service provider as opposed to recruiting an HR permanent member of staff. After considering a number of providers, we decided to go with illumehrd because of their overall experience and expertise in the HR field and managing people.

They have already brought our documentation up to date, carried out some skills workshops and given advice on managing performance issues that were impacting on our business.

We have found them to be responsive and pragmatic with their advice. They are willing to meet up face to face rather than rely on telephone and e-mail, unlike other providers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of illumehrd to other businesses who are seeking quality HR advice.


Billy Wilson

Director, Alexander Ross Holdings