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Welcome to Illume HRD – a consultancy that brings an enlightened and business-focused approach to employing and managing people.

Are you spending too much time managing people issues rather than concentrating on your core business activity?
Do you find employment legislation confusing and complex to apply to your real life business challenges?
How do you get your employees to be motivated and do their very best for you and your business?

It isn't easy being an employer in this litigious world in which we live. We know that dealing with people issues can be daunting but ignoring them will usually make them worse. This can contribute to reduced productivity, deteriorating work relationships and poor morale. It can also impact on absence levels and may lead to an increase in grievance and disciplinary challenges. As a result your business could potentially face a legal challenge at an Employment Tribunal and the financial costs and risks to your reputation can be prohibitive and damaging.

At Illume HRD we understand that you may not need the overhead expense of a permanent HR or development resource but that you recognise the need for practical professional expertise to be available when you need it. Our collective business background means that we can help you find a solution which addresses your needs at the right cost without exposing your business to unnecessary risk.